Water Tender Type ‘B’ and ‘X’ As per IS : 950 & IS : 6067

Water Tank Capacity could vary from 1800 to 6000 Liters. It would be made of stainless steel sheets or M.S. Sheets of necessary gauge thickness. M.S Tank would be treated for anti-corrosion to last for years. The tank is of welded construction and is suitably mounted on chassis for proper load distribution on axles and minimizing chassis flexion stresses. Tank is secured sturdily and could be removed easily.

Baffles plates are provided inside the tank to absorb water hammer effect while in motion. Care is taken so that full contents could flow towards the pump. Adequately sized Man Hole and Cleaning Hole are also provided for easy maintenances.

Following provisions are made for tender operation:

  • 63 mm Ø male instantaneous connection to tank.
  • Hydrant to Tank.
  • Tank to pump to reel.
  • Hydrant to reel.
  • Hydrant to pump to reel.
  • Off.
  • Tank Over Flow.
A well-illuminated control panel is provided at the rear having the following:
  • Pressure range 0 to 250psi.
  • Compound gauge 0 to 760 mm Hg vacuum 0 to 100 psi positive head.
  • Throttle control.
  • Tank content level gauge (Dial type / tube type).
  • Head lamps (As per chassis standard).
  • Fog lamp.
  • Air field obstruction lamp.
  • Reversing lights.
  • Search light with cable reel.
  • Spot light.
  • Blink type trafficators.
  • Wind screen wiper.
  • Revolving light.
  • Two tone hooter and siren.
  • Megaphone and amplifier unit.
  • Wireless set.

Whole bodywork is done with M.S. Pressed sections or tubes of adequate thickness. Outer body paneling is done with plain aluminum sheets of adequate gauge thickness of give the unit strength and vibration free performance. Driver’s cabin having 2 doors on each side can accommodate 7 passengers easily. Drivers seat is adjustable. The driver’s seat and officers’ seat are independent. Rear seat to accommodate 5 crewmembers is fixed type. All seats have cushions of adequate thickness with resin upholstery. Lighting inside the cabin is well taken care of and glasses on front and sides are of high quality to give clear vision to driver and officer. Side glasses are winding type. Lockers are provided to both sides of the body with enough storage space for ancillary equipment and tools and tackles. All lockers have automatic lighting arrangement, ladder gallows to accommodate 10.5-meter long extension ladder. Hose tunnels to accommodate 4.5-meter long suction hoses are also provided on both sides.

“SHOOTFIRE” Brand Single / Double stage centrifugal pump with primer cable of discharging 1800 – 4500 LPM water at 7 kg/cm2 pressure
Parameter Specification
Pump Casing Diecast- Aluminum alloy / lead tin bronze
Pump Shaft Stainless Steel
Neck Ring Bronze / Stainless Steel
Impeller Gun metal well balanced for maximum hydraulic efficiency
Mechanical Seal Self adjusting carbon seal
Suction Inlet 100 mm Ø round threaded male
Delivery 63 mm Ø twin outlet with instantaneous type coupling and blank cap
Drain Plug At all strategic points for draining oil as well as water
Lubrication Plug At necessary points for easy lubrication
Primer Automatic water ring / reciprocating primer capable of lifting water to 7.2 meter at NTP in 24 seconds. The primer lever is easily accessible and could be easily engaged.
Power Take Off Heavy duty power take off, imported or indigenous, capable of full torque transmission and having maximum mechanical efficiency, is fitted behind engine gear box, level for engaging and disengaging the pump is provided inside the drivers cabin with necessary locking device.