Remote Controlled Monitors 1000 to 4000 US GPM (Electric/Hydro-Electric Operated) Electrically Operated Remote Control High Volume Long Range Stand Post Type Fire Foam Monitor of 1000 GPM Capacity

The Electrically Operated Remote Control non-aspirating Foam Monitor made of Stainless Steel, capable to discharging 1000 US GPM (3785 LPM) at 100 psi (7 bar) inlet pressure over a range of 60 meters in horizontal direction and 25 meters in vertical direction.

Water operated Jet Ratio Controller Pump (JRCP) is provided, suitable for feeding foam concentrate solution to the monitor nozzle from distance of 50 meters. The Foam Monitor has facility for converting Water/Foam jet to fog and vice-versa very quickly and easily by remotely. Foam Monitor is provided with self-locking swivel gear bearing for rotation in horizontal and vertical direction remotely.

  • High Discharge Capacity of 1000 US GPM (3785 LPM) at 100 psi (7 bar) inlet pressure.
  • Excellent Horizontal throw of 60 meter long & above.
  • Excellent Vertical throw of 25 meter high & above.
  • Low Expansion, so less loss of foam due to breakage and thermal updraft and more cooling effect on burning surface.
  • Monitor can be placed 50 meter away from the foam concentrate.
  • Quick change over from jet to fog or spray remotely.
  • Easy maneuverability in horizontal and vertical plane remotely.
  • Almost maintenance free.
  • Remote Control Panel is operating on the 24 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase electric power. The Panel used for remote control is of explosion proof type and suitable for use in Zone I, Group II hazardous areas as per relevant code. The entire electrical system is provided with heat resistant cables and is totally waterproof so that, during the fire fighting operation no short circuit can develop.
  • Master selector switch for ON & OFF.
  • Push button control for rotation of monitor in horizontal plane as clockwise & Anti-clockwise direction.
  • Push button control for rotation of monitor in vertical plane as elevation & depression.
  • Fog to Jet control of Nozzle.
  • Jet to fog control of Nozzle.
  • Emergency stop for all operations.
  • Oil and Gas Plants.
  • Off-shore and On-shore platforms.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks and Depots.
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Plants.
  • Steel Plants.
  • Power Plants.
  • Airport Runways.
  • Ammunition Depots.
  • Defense General Stores.
  • Naval Ships and Submarines.
  • Fire Fighting Vessels/Tugs.
  • Ports.
  • Jetties.

Material of Construction:

Parameter Specification
Size 4 inches
Body S.S.304
Rotation 340°
Elevation +90° and -30°


Parameter Specification
Material LTB – Gr.2
Gear Wheel LTB – Gr.2
Worm Stainless Steel

Self-Inducting Nozzle:

Parameter Specification
Material of Construction SS 304 / LTB – Gr.2
Type of Foam used AFFF / ATC Foam
Discharge Capacity 1000 GPM (3785 LPM)
Throw Horizontal
a. Water
b. Foam

60 meters
Throw Vertical 30-40 meters
Foam Expansion 1:3 – 4
Fog (Curtain) 100°
Spray 140°