Portable Fire Extinguisher

SHOOTFIRE” brings you lightweight fire pumps for portablea applications.


Casing made from light alloys, having a discharge rate of 275 to 1100 LPM at 4.2 kg / cm2. It has 75 mm round threaded single suction and 63 mm instantaneous type single delivery with blank cap. A well-balanced light aluminum alloy impeller mounted on common shaft to engine ensures full torque transmission and high efficiency.

  • Renewable gun metal impeller rings at both ends (Suction and Driving).
  • Spring loaded self-adjusting mechanical seal with carbon face which needs to attention at all.
  • Drain plugs for cleaning purposes.
  • 275 to 1100 LPM delivery at 2.5 to 4 kg/cm2 pressure 3 meter suction lift.
  • Primer:
    The pump is provided with a rotary or exhaust ejector primer.
  • Lifting Capacity:
    • Exhaust Primer:
      5 meters in 45 seconds at NTP.
    • Rotary Primer:
      7 meters in 45 seconds at NTP.
  • Engine Greaves:
    Lombardi air-cooled diesel engine or equivalent – 6.6 HP
  • Control Panel:
    • Hand throttle.
    • Pressure gauge 0 to 10 kg/cm2
    • Compound gauge 0 to 6 kg/cm2/75 mm Hg vacuum
  • Cradle frame:
    Tubular steel with handles and vibration isolators.
  • Finish:
    Fire red color.
  • Equipment:
    Following equipment are provided with the pump
    • 2.5-meter long 75 mm Ø suction hose with threaded male and female coupling – 3 Nos.
    • Suction Wrenches: 2 Nos.
    • Metal Strainer: 1 No.
    • Basket Strainer: 1 No.
    • Fuel tank: 5 liters.
  • Weight of the Unit:
    100 kg approximately.