Pneumatic Lifting System for Rescue Operation

This highly compact, easy to carry equipment are being introduced by us for rescue, repair and maintenance works where heavy tanks, structures, machineries are involved. A single bag can lift equipment weighing up to 60 MT to a height of 8 to 10 inches by utilizing nominal air pressure from a breathing apparatus cylinder.

During accidents, when person gets trapped under heavy tankers, structures each second become a matter of life and death, waiting for cranes and other lifting, pulling machineries and then arranging these machineries for rescuing the trapped victim, would certainly lead to either permanent damage or death. But with these accessories, the whole rescue work could be done in seconds.

  • The system consists of air bags weighing just 2 kgs. Compressed air cylinder like that of breathing apparatus, hoses and hose manifold.
  • The bag is made out of Neoprene rubber reinforced with KEVLAR threads.
  • The pressure requirement is just nominal i.e. around 5-8 kg/cm2.

The equipment is developed exclusively for application in the following areas:

  • To rescue personnel, trapped under over turned vehicles, heavy structures etc.
  • Conducting repair, maintenance works, re-erection of collapsed structures, machineries etc.
  • In refineries, petrochemical complexes and other hazardous industries, where heavy lifting pulling machineries cannot enter or where usage of such metallic equipment might generate sparks due to metal to metal contacts and may lead to more dangerous situations.
  • Extremely compact and portable – one man can easily carry and operate the complete system within 10 seconds.
  • No metal to metal contact and metallic moving parts, so useful in highly volatile process and storage areas of hydrocarbon industries and in accidents involving hazardous liquid / gas tankers and trailers.
  • Available in various capacities from 5 MT to 60 MT.
  • Even narrow gaps can be used to insert the bags and lift the equipment.
  • By judiciously placing the bags and packing, equipment could be lifted up to any height.