Leak Sealing Pad

Leakage from vessels, tankers etc. and the resulting wastage of valuable product as well as the creation of toxic / hazardous atmosphere in the surrounding area is been a problem, which safety professionals had difficulty in solving. Blocking these leakages usually meant long, tedious and time-consuming methods. Even then the sealing were unreliable and only temporary, requiring constant vigilance on the sealed part.

To come out from the above problem, we did research for nearly two years and succeeded in developing a totally reliable and permanent Leak Sealing System with the technical backup of M/s L & L Inc., Singapore.

These Leak Seal Pads can seal any leakages from any type of tanks irrespective of its shape i.e square, round, oval etc. and material of construction i.e. S.S, M.S, C.S etc

A notable additional feature of this equipment is its ability to transfer the products to any other container instantly and safely without creating any dangerous situation.

  • It can be stuck to any surfaces to seal leakages within seconds and the pad can be kept on the place for months together or even permanently.
  • Rupture up to 250*50 mm can be sealed instantly.
  • Instant transfer of liquid contents from the leaking tanks if possible by just opening valve without creating any hazards for operators or in the surrounding area.
  • Resistant to all types of petrochemical products as well as toxic liquids.
  • Made from the compound of Neoprene / Silicon / Butyl / rubber and accessories made of PVC / Nylon, without even a single metallic part.
  • Totally antistatic, hence no chance of static electricity accumulation and spark generation during sealing process.
  • Corrosion proof and long lasting.
  • Operative temperature can vary from -5°C to 79°C.
  • Most ideal in sealing non-pressurized static storage tanks (where content pressure do not exceed 3 kg/cm2).
  • Extremely portable – one man can carry all the accessories easily.
  • Minimum operative life of 10 years and more.