Control Kit University of Fire Technology in 18” * 18” * 26” Box

A kit that could be described as the “University of Fire Technology” is a must in growing industrial nation like us. This could train and teach all kinds of people, varying from laymen to executive, about fire and “Fire Factor” and build the fire consciousness. This has been developed similar to “Carmody” USA-Made Fire Hazard Training Kit.

In all advanced countries, millions of dollars are spent to do research and development in fire fighting technology and they are growing in this field at a very fast rate. But we are lagging behind them by years.

Why? Because their citizens are far more fire conscious than us! They are aware of fire hazard and the science behind it. They have also realized the damage that a fire can cause to an individual and in turn to the nation itself. But we still define and fear the fire as “God”. It should not be so, people should understand the science of fire and way to tackle it effectively.

There are multiple questions about fire and fire fighting which are as follows:

  • What is fire?
  • What is the meaning of the terms like combustion, explosion, flash point, ignition point, vapor weight, specific gravity?
  • How is fire started? – By open flames? Friction? Electric spark due to short-circuiting? Due to improper electric contacts? Or due to static electricity?
  • How fire could be stopped? - By cutting of oxygen supply? By cutting of fuel supply or by removal of heat? If so which is the best way? And how to proceed to achieve it in the shortest time?

Yes! So many burning questions and no one even bothered to find the answers. But now with the aid of SHOOTFIRE Brand Training kit the answers are at your fingertips, solutions are by-heart.

This teaches you the “Tricks of the Trade” not only in extinguishing but also in handling fuels. The kit measuring 18” * 18” * 26” consists of 72 pieces, could give 30 live demonstrations, including a loud but safe explosion.