High Volume Long Range Monitors

Aqua Foam Nozzle which can form the discharging part of monitors are considered to be a technological marvel in fire fighting because of the highest discharging ability and the maximum hydraulic efficiency with respect to the conversion to the available pressure energy to maximum throw after the induction of foam concentrate in to the water stream.

In large tank fires, process fire, blowout fire, scenarios, high volume long-range nozzles only could provide the means of controlling or extinguishing. These nozzles enable you to apply maximum amount of foam solution expanded to about 1:4 on to the burning fuel surface from very far distance. These high discharges enable you to utilize mass stream approach for High Local Application densities and which in turn lead to Quick Beach Head Information. The nozzle which could be supplied with stand post monitors and trailer mounted units will have aqua jet controller pump as a sub-accessory.

This pump helps you to transfer foam concentrate from as far as 70 meters, to nozzle inlet, using water from single hydrant.For any particular size of hydrocarbon risk, you can now have the most efficient nozzle in the world to “attack and not just resist”.

  • Oil drilling and exploration industries.
  • Refineries and hydrocarbon industries.
  • Petrochemical complexes.
  • LPG bottling plants.
  • Fertilizer projects.
Model Discharge @7 US GPM bar inlet pressure Induction rate Maximum Foam Throw Meter
SH-5 150 3% 33
SH-13 350 3% 40
SH-18 500 3% 46
SH-25 650 3% 56
SH-28 750 3% 60
SH-37 Foam Missile 1000 3% 60
SH-75 Super Foam Missile 2000 3% 80
SH-150 Foam Laser 4000 3% 95
SH-225 Super Foam Laser 6000 3% 110

  • With 6% Induction 2-3% reduction in throw expected.
  • Without Foam Induction 10% increase in water throw expected.
  • All discharge can be varied up to ±25% of its rated value.