Gas Tight Suits

PERSONNEL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, generally known as PPE forms a basic necessity for every industry handling hazardous chemicals and liquids. While there are different types of PPE Equipment for different safety applications, for Oil and Gas industries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Chemicals etc., the GAS PROTECTIVE SUIT is of greater significance.

Hazardous chemicals and liquids such as liquefied gases viz. LPG, LNG, propane, ammonia, chlorine, liquid nitrogen etc., if comes in contact with naked skin it causes cold burn. Severe or prolonged exposure of such chemicals or liquefied gases may even result in fatalities. To handle such hazardous products safely, after rigorous R&D efforts Vimal has successfully developed GAS PROTECTIVE (LOW TEMPERATURE) SUIT for the first time in India.


The design of the suit is as per EN Standard. The suit is “ONE PIECE” with integral boots, gloves and wide vision visor. Special care has been taken to seal the joints, zippers, wrist, and flexible sleeves etc. to prevent entry of possible hazardous chemical vapor/liquid inside of the suit. Facility for keeping the BA set is also provided. The suit is designed to resist low temperature of -15° centigrade to -79° centigrade for a period of 30 minutes or more if required.

Integral Parts:

  • Zipper -
    is of stainless steel material designed to ensure air tightness and leak- proof. The zipper is reinforced with rubber steal to enhance protection.
  • Hood & Boots –
    are sewn and sealed with the suit. The wide vision visor is made out of impact and chemical resistant material giving better transparency. Boots are rigid and are provided with anti-slip sole.
  • Gloves –
    are made of Polyamide fabric coated with Butyl / Viton / Silicon.