Elkhart Nozzle

A new development incorporating the design features of foam branch pipe, fog nozzle and spray nozzle. With an easy operation, different flow patterns are obtained, varying from a thick water fog to concentrated jet, without variation in volume flow.

As a branch pipe you could direct a water jet up to 25 meters (at 7 kg/cm2) with practically no hydraulic shock, which makes it very handy despite unpredictable hydrant pressures.

If it is required to put out fire spread over a large area, you have to only rotate the ring, the water jet becomes spray, with water droplets large enough to penetrate fire plume and reach the surface of fire and small enough to give wide courage.

If the requirement is to disperse or dilute, toxic or explosive gases and fumes, or to provide water curtain so as to enable the fireman to who is exposed to heat, the control is in your hand and with a very easy operation, the toothier ring is introduced into water flow which divides the water very finely and you will be able to get a fog spray as wide as 160°, with a well-filled water cone.

It is made of gunmetal chrome plated with a handle for easy maneuverability. With an inductor and foam connection this would also perform as a foam branch pipe with equal effectiveness.