Dry Chemical Powder Tender

DCP Tender of 1000 and 2000 kg is most ideal and sophisticated equipment to combat oil fires. Automatic actuation is through one manual lever on one cylinder, which in turn sets of all the cylinders automatically. As the pressure reaches 1.5 kg/cm2, the powder valve is automatically opened.

The time required for pressure builds up, gives monitor operator enough time to position the monitor and time enough to take hose reels to actual position of fire. The complete unit can also be offered with manual operation. Body works, cabin and control panel are fully illuminated for efficient night time operation.

Main DCP containers could be accommodated in 2 ways:
  • 2 nos. of 1000 kg Capacity tanks.
  • Single 2000 kg Capacity tank.

These are dynamically balanced on the chassis and bolted firmly to distribute the load evenly. Tanks are fabricated as per relevant pressure vessel codes. Hydraulic testing and radiography tested weld joints ensures that the tank withstand maximum pressure and shock. Adequately sized manhole and drain hole are provided for easy maintenance of the vessel and are arranged so as to eliminate all chances of moisture entering in to the vessel. Tanks are treated for anti-corrosion to give lasting life in adverse atmospheric condition.

Consists of battery of gas cylinders, which could be actuated manually or automatically, which is in turn connected to common header and a regulator. Regulated gas enters into the cylinder through a powerful diffuser system consisting of a central gas chamber and copper distribution piping which will ensure the thorough agitation of powder and smooth flow. Safety valves and vent valves that could release only gas, keeps the system pressure within the safety limits. Stainless Steel control valves installed gives trouble free performance for years together.

Triple swiveling joints with double ball bearings and handy levers enables easy positioning of monitor so as to minimize the loss of DCP powder. Calibrated valves placed near the operator gives variable outputs ranging from 15 kg/sec to 40 kg/sec. Monitor can be rotated through 360° in horizontal plane and 100° in vertical plane.

2 Nos. of 40 meters long high pressure rubber hose mounted on each side, on circular drum, are designed to make winding and unwinding operation quick and easy. Discharge applicators fitted at the end is capable of giving 5 kg/sec. Powder output with a throw of 10 meter. Hose reels are connected to the powder outlets from vessels so as to enable anyone or all the hose reels to come into operation from any one vessel or both the vessels at a time.

It has a single cabin with adjustable seats for driver and official and fixed seats for 5 people at the rear. All the seats have adequate cushion and resin upholstery. Lighting inside the cabin is taken well care of and glasses on front and sides are of high quality to give clear vision to the driver and officer. Side glasses are of winding type. Complete body superstructure is made of MS pressed sections/tubes of adequate thickness and body paneling is done with plain aluminum sheets of required thickness to give strength and vibration free performance. Lockers are provided on both sides of the body with enough storage space for ancillary equipment and tools & tackles. All the lockers have automatic lighting arrangement.

Electrical equipment as specified in the IS code shall be mounted on the appliance at proper positions. All wiring shall be single pole and will be protected with fuses. Main switchboard will be provided in the drivers cabin so as to enable the driver to operate any of the equipment while driving. Public address system control will be provided near the officer’s seat.

Ergonomically designed control panel is provided on both the sides:
  • Manual actuator handle on the delivery head in the compartment next to control panel. (Only for automatic).
  • Main valve manual reset, it closes when pulled downwards (only for automatic).
  • Flushing valves.
  • Vent valve.
  • Selector right hand hose reel.
  • Selector left hand hose reel.
  • Pressure gauges.
  • Insulated Fireman’s Axe 2 Nos.
  • Axe, large: 1 No.
  • Spare expellant gas cylinder: 2 batteries.
  • 63mm reinforced rubber lined hose 4 nos. (22.5 meter length bonded with instantaneous pattern couplings).
  • Oil Fire Branch: 2 Nos.
  • Triple Purpose Branch: 2 Nos.
  • Heat Resisting Suit: 2 Nos.
  • Safety Torches: 2 Nos.
  • High Expansion Foam Flooding Generator with Inductor.