UL Listed Fire Foam Monitor Model GM SGC 1000 J

The manually operated non-aspirating Foam Monitor made of Stainless Steel, capable to discharging 1000 US GPM (3785 LPM) at 100 psi (7 bar) inlet pressure over arrange of 65 to 70 meters in horizontal direction. Foam monitors are very compact in construction and gives good flexibility of the operation while fire fighting. Foam proportioning 3% is done with help of water operated Jet Ratio Controller Pump (JRCP) suitable for feeding foam concentrate solution to the monitor nozzle from a minimum distance of 50 meters.

The Foam Monitor has facility for converting Water/Foam jet to fog and vice-versa very quickly and easily, even during continuous operation. Foam Monitor is provided with self -locking swivel gear bearing for rotation in horizontal and vertical direction through hand wheel operation even under high operating pressures. A single fire fighter can manually operate the Foam Monitor with large flow capacity, long -range capability. The monitor assembly is designed to withstand the nozzle reaction force experienced during the operation of jet/ fog.

  • Certified and Approved by (UL) Underwriters Laboratory USA for use with variable flow.
  • High Discharge capacity of 1000 & 500 US GPM (3785 / 1893 LPM) with single nozzle at 100 psi inlet pressure.
  • Excellent Horizontal throw of 60 to 70 meter long and above.
  • Variable flow with single nozzle (benefit of two monitor in single monitor).
  • Excellent Full Fog & Semi Fog Coverage.
  • Low Expansion, so less loss of foam & more cooling effect on hot surface.
  • Quick change over from jet to fog even under water pressure with single fire fighter.
  • Easy maneuverability in horizontal and vertical plane.
  • Fully Stainless Steel Construction..
  • Almost maintenance free.
  • Available In Fixed and Mobile Version.
  • Various Metallurgy Option.
  • Oil and Gas Plants.
  • Off-shore and On-shore platforms.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks and Depots.
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Plants.
  • Steel Plants.
  • Power Plants.
  • Airport Runways.
  • Ammunition Depots.
  • Defense General Stores.
  • Naval Ships and Submarines.
  • Fire Fighting Vessels/Tugs.
  • Ports.
  • Jetties.

Material of Construction:

Parameter Specification
Monitor body, barrel SS 316
Swivel Joint SS 316 / Bronze
Discharge Nozzle (Foam cum Water) SS 316
Base Flange SS 316
Worm and Worm Wheel SS 316
Foam Control Valve SS 316
Pick up pipe connection SS 316
Pick up tube PVC

Technical Details:

Parameter Specification
Flow at 100 psi (7 bar) pressure 1000 US GPM (3785 LPM)
Nozzle Non-aspirating type
Induction Type Self Inducting (Inbuilt Inductor in nozzle)
Induction Rate 3%
Monitor Elevation +90 and -30° Vertical
Rotation 360° Horizontal
Water Way Size 100 NB
Pick-up Tube Length 3 meters long PVC tube
Inlet Flange Size 100 NB ANSI
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 21 bar
Finish/ Paint Fire red shade of Acrylic/PU/ Powder coating

Aqua Foam Jet Ratio Controller Pump:

  • Water operated foam pump (JRCP) suitable for feeding foam concentrate solution to the monitor nozzle from min. distance of 50 meter in horizontal plane. The inlet & outlet of JRCP is provided with 63 mm. Male & female coupling respectively.

Parameter Specification
Material of Aqua Powered Pump SS 316
Inlet and Outlet Coupling 2 1⁄2” Male/Female coupling made of SS 316
Foam Induction Rate 3%
Pick up tube PVC 3 Mtrs. Long fitted with suction Strainer
Delivery Distance Aqua Foam Jet Controller Pump is capable enough to feed foam solution to the monitor nozzle from minimum 50 meters in horizontal plane of SS

Performance at 100 PSI (in still air condition):

Parameter Specification
Water jet at 30° from Horizontal Plane 70 meters
Foam jet at 30° from Horizontal Plane 65 meters
Fog jet at 30° from Horizontal Plane 15 meters

Approval: UL Listed with following features:

Parameter Specification
Nozzle Non Air Aspirating Nozzle
Monitor Solution Flow 1000 GPM (single nozzle)
Operating Pressure 100 PSI
Induction By Aqua Powered inductor (JRCP) from minimum distance of 50 meter and above from Nozzle